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Mostly the Blacklist and some day-to-day in the life of me. My fandoms include The Blacklist, Star Wars and Star Trek, The Beatles, The Hunger Games, The X-Files, The Office, The Pretender, MacGyver, The Incredible Hulk, LOTR, Alias, Once Upon A Time, 24, Hannibal, The Following, and some others. Right now I'm mostly obsessed with The Blacklist and the Red/Lizzie pairing.

I read and write Blacklist fan fiction (A link to my stories are at the top of the page). I also have a group for Lizzington Shippers on Facebook. Feel free to check it out!

Christmas morning waffles! #Christmas #breakfast #familytradition #reallife

posted 3 months ago @ 25 Dec 2013
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  1. cautiouslyshipping said: I ♥LOVE♥ waffles! It looks crunchy and tasty!
  2. marim123 said: Looks tasty! Just relaxing here after having dinner!!
  3. redxlizzie said: Delicious.
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